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Mahara is an evolving learning tool in which individual learners can record "evidence of lifelong learning" - such as essays, artwork, reflective journals or any resources that can be stored digitally. Such things are known as artefacts in Mahara. The system enables learners to createcollectcurate and converse artefacts of their learning and reflection. 

At AUT, Mahara can be used for your course assessment, facilitating work integrated learning, recording and showcasing your learning journey, and creating your CV connecting to your learning and more.

It is possible to continue accessing Mahara after you have graduated from AUT.  You will need to update your Mahara account to use a separate password. For more information on accessing Mahara after graduation, please click here

The Mahara help site is available under Links and resources -> Help Resources.

For more information you can read About Mahara or alternatively please feel free to Contact Us.



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