Create your profile

The profile area is where your peers and your lecturers see who you are in the AUT Mahara system. Your profile picture is a visual representation of yourself.

Prepare your content

The Content area is where you can upload and store your file collections. You can have different types of files stored in this area, such as documents, images, videos, journal entries and resume information. And they are available for you to select and load to your portfolio pages. The Content -> Files area is your file storage area. This is like your shoe box where you collect all your photos ready to put into your photo albums.

Build your portfolio

In Mahara, you can create as many Portfolio pages as you like under the Portfolio area. A Portfolio page is a web page where you can showcase your work. It's like creating a photo album by adding relevant photos in and you can have as many albums as you like. On a portfolio page, you can add text, documents, images and videos, etc. 

Need more help?

If the above help documents are not relevant to what you need, please access the Mahara user manual for further information, or use the Contact Us link to ask a question.

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You may have used Mahara for one of your course work. An ePortfolio can be more valuable than just a mark for your assessment. You may want to link your work from different courses into a collection. It's like putting your artwork together into an album. You may share your work with your friends or even apply for jobs. This section gives you ideas on things that you can do to make those things happen.

About account settings

The account settings are available under the Settings option under the User menu

The account settings allows you to set up your user account settings, including notification settings and the legal statements for using the system, which are displayed with the current terms and conditions and privacy statement for the site.


Manage your notifications

In Mahara, you receive notifications in your email if you receive a friend request, a page sharing message if someone shared a page with you, or if people posted on your wall on your profile page, etc.

If you find the emails from Mahara are getting too overwhelming, you may change your notification settings under your account to reduce the amount of emails.

The notification settings are available in Settings -> Notifications under the User menu.  The default settings for all activity types are set to be Email. You may change the settings from Email option to other options:

  • Inbox: Your inbox will display a list of activity notifications that you received.
  • Email: Your primary email address will receive an email each time the activity occurs.
  • Email digest: Your primary email address will receive an email each day with a list of the activities of the last 24 hours.

Note: If you select either email option, all activities will also be recorded in your inbox as they happen. They will all be marked as already read.


Work in a group

A Mahara Group is an online community comprising selected, invited or self-joined users. You can find the groups that you belong to on the right-hand side of the screen once you’ve logged into Mahara.

The groups can be used for sharing ideas or working on a collaborative project, etc. Lecturers can put students into a group in which students may be required to submit or share their pages with other members of the group. Both lecturers and students can create groups in Mahara.


Share your work with others

When you have created portfolio pages (or collections), you may wish to share them with lecturers or others, e.g. to receive feedback.

You can click on the padlock icon by the page/collection grid on the portfolio landing page, and select the Manage access option.


Download your portfolio pages

There are two options to download your portfolio pages:

- Export your work created on your Mahara pages into a standalone HTML website, or a Leap2A zip file;

Print your page into a PDF file.


To export, the function is available under Portfolio -> Export, and you have two types of format to export your work into:

Standalone HTML website: This creates a self-contained website with your portfolio data. You cannot import this again, but it is readable in a standard web browser.

Leap2A: This gives you an export in the Leap2A standard format. You can later use this to import your data into other Leap2A-compliant systems, although the export is hard for humans to read.


You may be asked to submit your portfolio page as a pdf file. Follow these instructions to print your page into a PDF file:

Go to the Portfolio landing page, click on the page title of which you would like to print into a PDF file. Click on the icon on the top right corner of the page and select the Print option. Select the Save as PDF option to print your page into a PDF file.


Submit a page/collection for assessments

As a student you maybe required to submit your portfolio pages for marking. When your page is ready for submission, you can submit it via the Submit button in the display view of your page.

To sumbit, please load the portfolio landing page by clicking on Portfolio under the Main menu



Access Mahara after graduation

It is possible to continue accessing the Mahara system after you have graduated from AUT.

After you have left AUT, your AUT login will no longer be valid. If you would like to continue accessing the AUT Mahara system, you will need to update your Mahara account to use a separate password. Please click here to proceed.

A temporary password will be generated for you on the screen and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address under your Mahara account. If it is your university email address and you think it may expire soon, you may like to update the email address to your personal one. 

To update your email address, please go to Content -> Profile under the Main menu. Then click on the tab Contact information and follow the instruction to update your email address.

Your account may become inactive and be deleted from the system if you haven't logged into Mahara for 6 years. Please refer to the Site terms and conditions for details on account expiry policy. You may download or export your work to keep a copy offline. Please refer to the Download your portfolio pages section for detailed instructions.