Introduction to Mahara

Create your profile

The profile area is where your peers and your lecturers see who you are in the AUT Mahara system. Your profile picture is a visual representation of yourself.

Prepare your content

The Content area is where you can upload and store your file collections. You can have different types of files stored in this area, such as documents, images, videos, journal entries and CV information. And they are available for you to select and load to your portfolio pages. The Content -> Files area is your file storage area. This is like your shoe box where you collect all your photos ready to put into your photo albums.

Build your portfolio

In Mahara, you can create as many Portfolio pages as you like under the Portfolio area. A Portfolio page is a web page where you can showcase your work. It's like creating a photo album by adding relevant photos in and you can have as many albums as you like. On a portfolio page, you can add text, documents, images and videos, etc. 

Need more help?

If the above help documents are not relevant to what you need, please access the Mahara user manual for further information, or use the Contact Us link to ask a question.

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Welcome to the AUT Mahara help resources. This site introduces you to the AUT ePortfolio solution Mahara.

An ePortfolio is a digital portfolio that records work, goals and achievements. It facilitates reflections on individual’s learning, exemplifies evidence-based practice (Hallam et al., 2008), and promotes lifelong learning. 

Mahara is an evolving learning tool in which individual learners can record "evidence of lifelong learning" - such as essays, artwork, reflective journals or any resources that can be stored digitally. Such things are known as artefacts in Mahara. The system enables learners to create, collect, curate and converse artefacts of their learning and reflections (Hoeppner, 2018).

At AUT, Mahara can be used for your ourse assessment, facilitating work integrated learning, recording and showcasing your learning journey, and creating your CV connecting to your learning, etc. This is a lifelong learning space and you can continue to have access to your account after you have graduated from AUT, according to the AUT Mahara site terms and conditions.


This site provides you with basic knowledge of using Mahara under the following four aspects:

Create your profile - this section introduces you to the concept of profile in Mahara and how you create an identity for your Mahara account.

Prepare your content - the Content area is where you can create and collect your artefacts. Everything that you have loaded under Content area is private to you, until you add them to a portfolio page and share the page with others.

Build your portfolio - the Portfolio area is where you curate your artefacts. They can be presented on a portfolio page, or a collection of portfolio pages. You have options to converse when you are ready to share.

Manage your portfolio - this section provides you with extra information on what you can do to make the most of Mahara. 


There are two navigation menus when you log into your Mahara account. Both of them sit at the top-right corner of the screen:

User menu   - this menu allows you to set up your user account settings, including notification settings and the legal statements for using the system. 

Main menu   - this is the main navigation menu that allows you to navigate to your content area, portfolio landing page and your group list page.


The FAQs below may be helpful to provide you with some quick answers.


The Mahara site looks different from last time when I used it. Where can I get help to see what has changed?

AUT Mahara is on a new version since end of last year. It has a different look and feel. Check out the new features here.

Who can access Mahara at AUT?

All students who study at AUT can log into Mahara using their AUT usernames and passwords.

I do not remember my password. What shall I do?

The password is your normal AUT username and password. If you have a problem accessing you need to contact IT Helpdesk on ext 9888, or via email

I'm using my AUT credential but Mahara won't let me log in, what shall I do?

Please contact us to sort out your login.

Why do I get lots of emails from Mahara?

Mahara sends notification emails to you when: other users send you a friend request, or you are invited to be part of a group, or your lecturer placed a feedback on your page, etc.

You can change the settings under Settings -> Notifications to email digest so you just receive all your emails grouped together every 24 hours.

I want to use a different layout on my page to make it look pretty. What shall I do?

Please follow this link for some page design ideas.

How much space do I have in Mahara under my account?

200MB but this can be increased for individuals if required. If uploading videos or graphics that are large it is best to host them somewhere else. For example, Youtube or Photobucket. Also, use file compression to reduce file size of multimedia files.

What is the maximum file size for an individual file upload in Mahara?


My video files are big and I can't compress them down to smaller than 10MB. What can I do?

Please follow this link for the instructions on how to load videos onto your Mahara pages.

Can I export to create backups for my work?

Yes, you can. You can either export or download your work into PDF files. Please follow the link here for further instructions of how these two options differ and how they can help you to achieve your backup task.

I'm graduating from AUT. Can I still access Mahara after graduation?

Yes, you can. Please go to the Access Mahara after graduation section for further details.


Hallam, G., Harper, W., R. McCowan, C., Hauville, K., Mcallister, L., & Creagh, T. (2008). ePortfolio use by university students in Australia: Informing excellence in policy and practice.

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